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My antiquated credit card processing service shut down, obsoleting most of the code of this site. I had to hastily get something up because I've decided to release my "Form vs Shape" advanced Rhino tutorials free. Take a look at them here.

Design and Modeling Services

James Carruthers, B.I.D.

I've provided Design and 3D Modeling expertise for a wide variety of purposes. I have worked on product concepts, design for manufacturing, geometry repair, reverse engineering, basic product animations, and graphic design and illustration.

Samson Motorworks Switchblade
Swtichblade Interior
Switchblade Interior
Dagger GT
Switchblade Ground Mode
Dynamo Playgrounds Play Structure Concept

What can automating your CAD processes do?

Sundance Balloons makes most of the hot-air balloons flying in Canada(and quite a few in the US too.) The artwork applied to them needs to be divided into the hundreds of panel pieces that make up the balloon envelope with all their required markings and allowances and--this was the key problem I had to solve--distorted to look correct once inflated, which traditionally requires an amazingly elaborate manual process that can take weeks to produce paper patterns for hand cutting. I created code and a process that can prepare a basic design in as little as an hour. The Coors balloon pictured below took a little longer.

Other automation projects have included file and part organization, jigs and fixtures, rendering and production of net assemblies, and a very specialized sort of pipe routing tool for producing large sculptural play structures.

Sundance Balloons, Coors Light balloon
Dynamo Playgrounds Play Structure Rationalization Development


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