Advanced Rhino Tutorials

My "Form vs Shape" advanced Rhino training is intended to help users understand how to approach creating 3D models with NURBS, something to do after you've gone through the standard Level 1 and 2 training and/or have some work experience with Rhino.

Selling these materials is not a viable business model anymore (at one time the full set cost about $200!) so I've posted the PDF versions here free(not really my preferred format but I don't want to get questions in the future about HTML issues.) They were last updated for Rhino 5 but are still quite applicable to V6.

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    Form vs. Shape 1
    Focusing on how features may be created in different ways depending on the purpose of a 3D model

Rhino Training

I've been using Rhino since 1998 and can provide online and onsite Rhino training. Contact me for for information.

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